Ceramics in jewelery isn`t new, but it is not a very common material. When I started mixing pieces of porcelain in my jewelery creations (earrings and necklaces) I immediately liked the result. Taking advantage of the white clay I chose not to glaze. I like the raw material, its texture and the combination with metal or leather.

With a minimalist design, the porcelain elements stand out.

All the Jewels in this collection are timeless with quality materials.

To match a modern and stylish outfit.

Porcelain nests necklace.

White Porcelain statement necklace.

Porcelain and turquoise earrings

White porcelain and natural turquoise stones earrings.

Open rings necklace

White porcelain hoops necklace.

Porcelain and lava earrings

White porcelain and lava stone earrings.

Long wrap ceramic necklace

White porcelain long wrap necklace.