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I love my work

Welcome to My SHOP!I hope you find here a very Special Piece that makes you happy and even more stunning. Here you can find unique and modern SILVER JEWELRY and trendy COSTUME JEWELRY that explore all kinds of materials. And finally the CERAMIC pieces my latest passion.

If you like TRENDY JEWELRY but with a twist you're in the right SHOP. In my shop you can find a wide variety of models within a contemporary style. My passion for materials leads me to explore various themes and forms. I like to use silver with natural stones, but also textiles, paper, leather, among others. I make several JEWELS and COLLECTIONS throughout the year. Which makes my shop different at every visit. Which woman does not like to have a SPECIAL JEWEL in her jewelry box?

I like to be able to offer original pieces that are an important detail in each one's house. 
Some ceramics have a rough look typical of some handcrafted pieces. The intention is to show that there was manual contact, far from industrial perfection. Most of the ceramic pieces I make are complementary to jewelry, such as jewelry storage plates. Other ceramics are more decorative.
I use all kinds of clay. But my favorites are porcelain and stoneware.Sometimes I like to put together some materials and techniques of jewelery. Each ceramic piece is unique!

I always liked to create, to see an idea become a object. Combine and explore techniques and materials. Right after having completed the course in industrial design, I applied for a course in contemporary jewelery. There is a lot that made fashion accessories I wore, so I decided to deepen my knowledge. I fell in love so for this art, I made it my life, my profession ... until today. Much of my work is the combination of "form / function" of industrial design with the creative freedom allowed by the contemporary jewelery. I opened several shops and workshops ... And finally relented ace new changes and opened my Online Store. Recently I had the opportunity to realize the dream of learning how to make ceramics.This new technique has brought a breath of fresh air to my work. Now my clients have the opportunity to buy ceramic decorative objects and jewelry where I mix both techniques.

 I hope my shop inspires you !!
Carla Amaro

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